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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Zero Generation (Hulachenem Zero)

I read a good piece of writing by Ato Tesfaye Habisso titled "Shall We Leave the Past" posted on Internet that is refreshing the history of our country we are all aware of and proud of however our generation has nothing to add to this glorious past and in fact we are known for natural disasters and intermittent wars that sent millions of people spread through out the

Rather than solving our problems by ourselves we are seating while called by foreigners and busy insulting and defaming each other while left alone.

We are denying the national questions which are the sources of our miseries and try to flame it by accusing legitimate struggles as secessionists and insulting others as if they have not built today's Ethiopia.

The extremes in the unity camps and the liberation movements should be challenged to save our country from oblivion and let us not be scared by those who are insulting our intelligence and do not want to learn from our gallant fathers and mothers who passed a tradition of seating down and talk to each other without foreign meddlers.

We should talk to any groups who raised legitimate grievances of their people without any precondition and build on what makes us close and narrow our difference and pass this beautiful country to the next generation.


Tedla Asfaw