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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Wondimu Mekonen on the Asimba Paltalk

A gentleman was opposing Ato Wondimu Mekonen on his stand (listen part 2) supporting the formation of AFD which OLF is a founding member to form a united front
against the EPRDF/TPLF tyrannical regime.

Mr Wondimu elaborated his personal belief that Ethiopian unity can only be achieved by not
closing a door at each other's face and he said that if we followed the present trend of not talking to OLF as an anti-Ethiopia force, EPRDF/TPLF will rule us for a long time and when it leaves the stage he said it will be too late to talk about Ethiopian unity.

I hope that many of us hear his message and that we need him in different political and organizational leadership position presently. Fighting each other rather than fighting the racist regime of Melese Zenawi to work together keeping our differences helps us not waste our resources.

Wondimu's call is simple, Kinijt, Hebret and AFD whatever you call it form a united front against the treacherous and poisonous regime of EPRDF/TPLF before the fabric of our people and the unity of our country is destroyed beyond repair.

Ethiopian Unity is no longer a slogan but a great cause which required an action and I conquer with Wondimu Mekonen that the great danger for Ethiopia and our region is the regime in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian unity has been made possible by the sacrifices of our people and we should give a chance for our people to control their destiny and not confuse them by being anti-Unity or pro-Unity unelected political forces.

Ethiopian Unity should not be a hiding slogan to cover our own selfish interests. It is rather a cause that requires great sacrifice in our elitist political culture and that begins from simple gesture of accepting others and stop monoplizing the Ethiopian unity slogan that treacherously also used by the regime in Ethiopia at present.

Tedla Asfaw