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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Election 2005-2010 in Ethiopia and Somalia

The fate of Meles and his minority party is pretty much determined by the war in Mogadishu which is going on now than the so called "election" in 2010 some wanted us to focus after giving full recognition of the regime in the celebration of the Millennium which many in the Diaspora have already booked to travel.

Wait a minute did you forget the coming election result of 2005 for Ethiopian Millennium where the regime is going to announce the winner?

The winning party EPRDF/TPLF was planning to announce the winner in 2005 but the preparation for the celebration took more than two years until the oppositions punished for not joining the celebration earlier.

In this September, result will be announced and many from Diaspora will join the regime in congratulating EPRDF/TPLF for the landslide victory.

It will also be appropriate to talk about the 2010 election and reward all who joined in this celebration appropriately, finacnialy and otherwise and their names will be printed in the coming Millennium Celebration Magazines.

The 2010 election will be carried out with total victory in Mogadishu and Asmara if the regime survived it.

The tragedy in Mogadishu and the large numbers of people killed by barbaric bombardment is similar to the Russian bombardment of Grozny in the name of wiping the rebels in the early 1990s.

Destroy the city and flatten all standing buildings and deny any shelter for the insurgents and it worked in Grozny and it might have the same effect in Mogadishu.

The insurgents in Mogadishu will melt and flee the city while the Melese forces and its ally will occupy Mogadishu and then what?

The protracted guerrilla style of attack will continue in all parts of Somalia and make no mistake this war will cross boundary and will spread to neighboring countries.

We are now on critical stages in the Horn and the involvement of Melese forces will not be short and there is likely another war front to be opened in the North soon to change the regime in Asmara and deny the Somalis any support and that is already in full gear propaganda wise.

USA has started blaming Eritrea for the crisis in Somalia and Isayas regime is now the Taliban of the Horn and give us the terrorists and otherwise face the consequence call is on the way and Isayas is cornered and has now way to go.

Before the end of this year we will have a regime change in Asmara and the conflict in Somalia is not going to be contained.

The talk of election in 2010 in Ethiopia is not different than talking election in Somalia now where oppositions are killed and chased and conduct "election" at gun point and win it for the next five or more years.

Tedla Asfaw