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Saturday, 14 April 2007

Tony Blair vs. black youths

Tony Blair has declared war on what he called crimes disproportionally committed by black youths after hewas angered by the protest by a black pastor on the commemoration of slavery last month in London.
The black pastor denounced the black clergies who werein the church with families who owned slaves and got wealth from it and he did not shoot anyone and it is calculated that Tony Blair brought his name while addressing the problem of black youths while forgetting those black youths who are dying in Iraqand Afghanistan wearing British uniforms.
What has Tony Blair done do to alleviate this social problem of crime disproportionally committed by black youths? The black youths of London like the youths here in America and many European cities have been left out from the fruits of capitalism and many are engaged in many destructive behaviors and violence including robbing, stabbing and killing.
The policy makers have to educate their youths andgive them good paying jobs to start their family than accusing them when they are disturbed from their good sleep like Tony Blair from his so called slavery commemoration which is the legacy still with us in the form of racism and segregation.
Tedla Asfaw