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Saturday, 4 August 2007

Oromo's Rally in Minnesota

Tedla Asfaw
I read a wonderful article by Mr. Obang on his recent addressing of the Oromo Youths in Minnesota posted on ethiomedia. The thousands strong Oromos from North America attended this rally and we can say surely that all were Oromos and few foreign supporters of the Oromo's cause.

The mostly young people were waving the Oromo flags with the placards denouncing the TPLF/Ethiopian regime and calling for the abuse on the Oromos to stop. I was expecting at least the Alliance for Freedom and Democracy(AFD) in Ethiopia to be represented and address the crowd.

The young Oromos would not like to be associated with Ethiopia and its flag and there was no Ethiopian flag and I am pretty sure that there was an American flag to show their respect to the country who gave them the right to protest.

I have no problem of the missing Ethiopian flag in the crowd and I believe this was not like a demonstration where every slogan is written by organizers and everyone is asked to follow the rules. If those who organized the rally call the rally only for Oromos they would not have any way to tell who is an Oromo, Somali or Ethiopian and it seems they succeed because we did not see any Ethiopian or other flags on the rally.

Had I been in Minnesota I would carry an Ethiopian flag andl march with my fellow Oromo Brothers and sisters because like Obang we have to tell our brothers that hate and disunity will not lead us to the promised land where we all live as people by the rule of law.

Sadly the Diaspora so called opposition leaders are not to be found to add to the united struggle and seem like the "Zemene Mesafint Power Struggle" in the 18th century is underway in North America and Europe.

Mr. Obang and some few others are putting our hope alive to take us to the coming "Huleteshe Amete" an occasion which surely will be ignored by our brothers and sisters in Minnesota like the Ethiopian flag.