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Monday, 15 October 2007

Kinijit burial ceremony in North America

Tedla Asfaw
The Miazia 30 /May 2005 millions of Ethiopians rally in Addis Ababa for a change which culminates by voting overwhelmingly for Kinijit party which led for thousands to be jailed and more than hundreds to be killed by TPLF security forces  was crushed by jailing the leadership of Kinijit two year ago.
The Kinijit we know with all its problems mainly from uncompromising behavior of politicians that has been common in the last forty years of Ethiopian politics shows its ugly face in yesterday's meeting in Washington D.C. called for the support of Engineer Hailu Shawel's  led Kinijit, two year old party, by KIC.
In more than one and half hour of speech  chaired by Dr. Taye Woldesemayate choreographed by whistle blowers and cheering crowd, Engineer Hailu, Ato Bediru Adem and Weizero Nigest Gebrehiwote made a funeral speech for all of us to hear.
We know Kinijit party has been sick since Ato Lidetu Ayalew  run away two years ago with his friends and Kinijit leadership was thrown to Kaliti jail/clinic for "treatment" by Kaliti Doctors and finally were released as outpatient by the struggle of Ethiopian people both at home and abroad.
Since our new year the hope of the recovery turns in to worst and  Dr. Taye in his ten minutes speech yesterday compared the division/sickness in Kinijit to the bloody fight between Isayas of Asmara and Melese of Addis Ababa that left hundred thousand to perish.
Engineer Hailu proclaimed a new alliance with "Hibret" which had long term connection with  Dr. Taye the Diaspora leader of KIC which is supported by many of the "Hibret" supporters  and  many showed up to throw their support behind the new Kinijit and "Hibret" alliance.
Is this the alliance of convenience like the one we have seen many times and will finally  died out? we will see that but one thing is sure  this not the alliance that reflect the Ethiopian peoples demand which forced the formation of Kinijit in 2005, "Tebabero Weyeme Tesebaberu" that mentioned again by Weizero Nigist Gebehiwote ten minutes speech.
After the  burial of Kinijit in North America the burial ceremony in Ethiopia will be conducted by the TPLF and unofficially Ato Bediru Adem and Weizero Nigesat Gebrehiwote had a chance on Reporter/TPLF media to inform  Ethiopians the undemocratic nature of the touring Kinijit Five delegates by abandoning their leader, "Nebe Yaleawarawe" and the end of Kinijt the Ethiopian people voted.
Ato Bediru Adem's comical approach to the problem was given half hour yesterday to amuse the crowd what was not comical however was "we will crush them" declaration on the end of his speech and what Ato Bediru crushed yesterday is our peoples hope by coming long way here to participate on the burial ceremony of Kinijit.
The solution for the problem given by Engineer Hailu is for us here to organize in small groups forming cells and debate our future  and for his new party Kinijit and "Hibrete" we can call it "Hibrekin" will carry the torch to liberate our people without firing a gun with the help of the rural Ethiopian farmer/Gebere, this sounds like the Ethiopian farmer is hundred percent with us of EPRDF.
What will the Ethiopian people do about the death of its two year old party ? in a country the freedom to speak, write and gather is punishable we will not hear the voice of the people except the propaganda spreading from different corners who failed us miserably. As regard to the formation of a new party "HebreKin" I will say "Melke Tefu Besem Yedegefu" and sadly Ethiopians bright hope is once again crushed not only by TPLF but by selfish individuals wearing Kinijit's cap and abused their votes and trust.