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Monday, 29 October 2007

War to replace Isayas of Eritrea is a war to extend TPLF's rule

Tedla Asfaw
The TPLF pending war against Isayas of Eritrea like the current occupation of Somalia should not get Ethiopians support because there is nothing we will get from this adventure and opposition parties at home and Diaspora should come open and articulate their position. 
TPLF's war of regime change to install a puppet in Asmara is to revive the "Tygrai Tigrente" or "Greater Tigray"  an old British colonialist blue print as escape route to "holy land", "Greater Tigray" on the eventual collapse of TPLF.
Personalities like Ato Abraham Yaye recently on Hager Fiker Radio accused the "Amharas" for bombing "Ayeder" in Tigray ten years ago to divide "Tigreans" on opposites side of the Mereb River.
This war of regime change  against Eritrea will be billed for international community as a war on terror similar to the last Christmas Somalia invasion and eventual occupation by TPLF forces which galvanized all Somalis and say no to TPLF occupation and today the resignation of the prime minister Gedi is a sign of more trouble to come.
Melese Zenawi's TPLF by establishing a puppet in Asmara will try to deny safe heaven for opposition political activities and as we saw it in Ogaden this is hard to achieve because most of the problems including the Ogaden and the Oromo uprising are not Isayas creations and it will not be going away with his ouster. The only tangible benefit for TPLF might be few more years to hold on to power by diverting attention from its political and economic crisis at home.
The Tigray people survival rest with the rest of the Ethiopian people and opening the road from Mekele to Asmara will not bring any economical benefit to the people and the only "economical" benefit  for the regime is to secure the use of Asab in a long term lease with friendly Eritrea.
Ethiopians should not die for this war and have not forgotten the huge sacrifice they made in the Badme war more than ten year ago and only to extend the life of the regime, on its wary to crush many patriotic Ethiopians like Seye Abraha  under the cover of "Bonapartism" and still the two regimes are facing each other, this time one of them has to go and for the good of Ethiopia and Eritrea both regimes have to be replaced with the popular uprising of their own people.