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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Home Run for Team Ethiopia

Tedla Asfaw
Today is a historic day for Ethiopians struggle even if  we did not see many Ethiopians in the streets of Addis Ababa or in foreign streets celebrating because of the past month traumatizing experience here in the Diaspora, many people were forced to avoid politics as much as they can.
Back home in Ethiopia where people are not allowed to show their feeling it is not expected for the Ethiopians to come out and celebrate the passing of HR2003 today in the USA House of Congress unanimously.
The Diaspora king makers are wasting their valuable time last month on who will be the next king or queen of Ethiopia and they were caught off guard today and some of them avoid to put on their site what happened today in the House entirely.
The avoid the testimony of Dr. Birhanu Nega and Judge Birtukan Medikssa because they are "illegally" representing Kinijit maybe without the blessing of the chairman Engineer Hailu who is now recovering in the Hospital.
The testimony by Dr. Birhanu and Judge Birtukan Medekssa will indeed be a forceful weapon to convince some wavering senators when the bill goes to their floor to get a veto proof majority and  becomes a law.
We are grateful to the American democracy where the voice of the voiceless millions Ethiopians heard today and the time of exercising our God given right to speak and live freely in our own country is indeed one inch closer thanks to the HR2003  for which many Ethiopians and foreigners  worked hard to reach the floor.