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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Kinijit to "Kinenet" can it make a difference?

Tedla Asfaw
Kinijit is one of the most frequently used names in Ethiopia since 2005 and I wonder how many parents gave this name to their children. The Kinijit party might be forced to find other name to get "legalization" according to Engineer Hailu Shawel and I suggest the new name to be" Kinenet ".
The current crisis which evolves around individuals in the leadership of Kinijit is getting worst day by day because of accountability and openness, Kinijit leadership lacks "Kinenet".
On Swiss paltak (October 9) Engineer Hailu promised Kinijit will resolve its difference in Addis Ababa and the Diaspora supporters fear of the division of Kinijit is unfounded and Kinijit if it has to change name to be legalized it will change name. I hope they will consider 'Kinenet" as one of the contestants.
Kinijit is a party formed as  a result of popular struggle which forced many splintered opposition groups  to unite and  unseat TPLF in 2005 election and such movement with in short time have won the hearts and minds of million supporters.
However, in the last two years while the leadership was in prison groups who were organizing support in Diaspora in the name of Kinijit formed two warring groups which received the visiting delegates separately and now openly Kinijit is divided as pro-Hailu and the other one as pro the "Fives".
The last Thursday visit  by Judge Birtukan and Dr. Hailu Araya to Engineer Hailu in Minneapolis was a short " Enkoane Yemarewo" and the "Shiemeglena" by Dr. Fikre Tolessa was just a news for Engineer Hailu and he has never met a man called Dr. Fikre.
I hope Dr. Fikre Tolessa will elaborate on what happened last Thursday and if the "Shimagelis" met associates of Engineer Hailu only it should be said so and we should not be told story according to Engineer Hailu Shawel which is not true.
Engineer Hailu's promise of solving  internal leadership crisis when we even could not agree on what is said few days ago clearly shows the Engineer and his associates lack "KInenet" and  his  faction might prevail in Addis Ababa,Ethiopia gravely wounded.
One thing is sure many like myself are disappointed by many of interviews Engineer Hailu gave as a leader and even if his supporters will come as victors in the party fight in Ethiopia Kinijit we know in the 2005 is gone for good and  new name like "Kinenet " I suggest will remain only a good name with no substance at all.