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Thursday, 18 October 2007

Kill HR 2003 and Save Our Boys!!

Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma on the US Senate floor plead  for twelve minutes for fellow senators to reject the HR2003 bill overwhelmingly passed on the House floor on October 2 according to the senator by many congressmen and women who even do not know where Ethiopia is on the world map and proud  himself as the most travelling and informed senate in African affairs.
He said the terrorists from the Middle east are now squeezed and immigrating to the Horn and on the last year offensive on Somalia, Ethiopian soldiers stood with us and sacrificed a lot and he said "They did it for us".
Taking into account the national security interest of USA the  recently established East African Brigade which is headquartered in Ethiopia will be a basis for future American Soldiers after the disaster in the Middle East and he urged the senators not to damage the relationship with Melese Zenawi of Ethiopia. Let me ask the senator, if American base is closed in Saudi Arabia for not attracting "extremists" and harm USA ally the Saudi Royal family, why will our poor Ethiopial be different?
Ethiopia which he said the only uncolonized African country is now a strong ally/colony of America thanks to Melese Zenawi by estabishing military base and wage unwinnable war in Somalia, Ogaden  and currently is preparing for a regime change war in Eritrea  and destabilize our region .
The East African Brigade is an instrument of USA to wage war to control the destiny of African people and the unelected regime of Ethiopia is giving cheap service by sacrificing our poor people and the senator call to kill HR2003 bill before he goes to Addis Ababa and present it as gift to his friend Melese Zenawi is an insult to all Ethiopians and has future damaging consequence for the  American and Ethiopian people.
Diaspora Ethiopians currently bickering on power struggle in opposition party, the OLF, ONLF and other Ethiopians have to stage a huge demonstration in Washington D.C and tell the US senators to ignore senator James Inhofe and vote yes for HR2003 which will guarantee security for both the Ethiopian and American people.