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Monday, 10 March 2008

Addis Dimts wasted airtime!!

Tedla Asfaw
I heard this past Sat. and Sund. Addis Dimts Radio show on the recent NPR's Kojo show regarding the political situation in Ethiopia. Ato Abebe the host of Addis Dimts was angered by Eng. Hailu's decline on the Kojo'show and the callers on his radio shared his anger and used the airtime for bashing Eng. Hailu.
Ato Abebe was heard also saying that we missed a good opportunity to educate the American public about the current political crisis in our country. In fact the American public knows very well on what is going on in Ethiopia and many programs including NPR exposed the dictatorial regime of Ethiopia and I do not believe the thirty minutes program of Kojo will make much difference either.
In any case Dr. Birhanu, Professor Terrence and before the end of the program Dr. Taye gave their accounts of the Ethiopian politics which is critical of the regime.Unfotunately Ato Abebe's  effort to link with the Kojo's archive was not successful for those who did not hear the show. The bottom line is the American audience and others who followed the Kojo's show heard once again tyranny is well alive n Ethiopia  thanks to the financial support of the Bush administration.
However, Ato Abebe Belew's airtime was wasted to bash Eng. Hailu for not being on the program and that is an indirect service for the regime in power in Ethiopia and I will not be surprised the pro TPLF websites that declined to post the Kojo's show  if they post  Ato Abebe's attack on Eng. Hailu on their cites.
I wonder if Ato Abebe Belew had given any credit for Eng. Hailu for his appearance on the Straight Talk Africa program, live VOA TV, few weeks ago consistent to his  view of educating Americans and others. Or he might not not like the appearance of Eng. Hailu on the program maybe expecting other "capable" persons to articulate our causes on the show.
This is wasting airtime at best and I advice Ato Abebe Belew who is trying to increase his audience base to include Ethiopia to correct his mistakes and try to use his precious time to expose the tyranny in Ethiopia.
Otherwise airtime wasted without exposing the regime in power will be  equivalent  if not dangerous to  those pro TPLF/EPRDF medias in Diaspora  that are bombarding us about "high economic growth in Ethiopia" while millions of our people go to bed empty stomach.