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Friday, 14 March 2008

The Mother of All Fakes!!!

Tedla Asfaw
We are hearing including foreign medias recently that the gold deposit under Ethiopian "National" Bank is found to be fake gold or "fools gold". The value of gold is now $1,000 per ounce and the thieves indeed make good fortune at the expense of poor Ethiopia.
Foreigners who bought gold from Ethiopian bank are now checking their gold if it is really gold and we are hearing that more fake golds are discovered in Ethiopia's deposit. As usual the regime in Ethiopia will find escapegoats to lock them up and focus on our "development".
Ethiopians  know who the culprits are. Nobody believes  that except TPLF/EPRDF big shots no one will touch gold and responsibility is on Melese Zenawi and his inner circles. If we had real democracy and real parliament we would never have been on the situation we are now.
A guy who is deafening our ears on development is surely in charge of the capital which drives development and is hard to believe low level officials who are now interrogated and jailed are responsible for this day light robbery.
TPLF/EPRDF in the last sixteen years has given us a lot of fakes. Fake History, Fake Democracy, Fake Election, Fake Parliament and now Fake Gold. And what is next ? Another "Fake War" with Eritrea to take our mind from these serious problems as if it did not exist.
Ethiopia will never recover this lost gold because there will not be an independent investigation and free media to pursue this big robbery story and  few individuals will be thrown into jail and case will be closed.
World bank and others who give loan to poor Ethiopia will try to believe that this is an action of few bad guys and has nothing to do with their trusted regime in Ethiopia that is delivering good "economic growth" in Ethiopia.
Moreover, we will never get foreign assistance to crack this case because TPLF/EPRDF is a trusted ally that is now supported with generous aid multiplied by seven times in the near future from USA's Pentagon.
No doubt we Ethiopians  are treated as fools like the "fools gold"  by the regime and its backers and it is up to us to convince them otherwise by standing together avoiding fake opposition groups to remove this regime before we all are sold for higher bidders..