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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Starting from Zero?

Tedla Asfaw
Ato Lidetu(MP) on his interview with "Ande Ethiopia Radio" posted on pro TPLF sites said that he and his party has to start from zero and accuse Kinijit for putting the Ethiopian peoples struggle way  back it were  fifteen years ago. Regarding the slim chance of winning local elections coming soon  he said that is beyond reach because of 4.5 million candidates fielded by TPLF/EPRDF  and there is no way of winning local elections in Ethiopia ever again.
Ato Lidetu instead focuses to win the general election in 2010 for parliament because of limited number of seats. However, the strategy of losing local election to win the general election is impossible. How could you leave all the local administrations under TPLF/EPRDF and expected to win the general election for parliament?
Nobody is to be convinced by this Ato Lidetu and in fact there is a good chance person like you and the other loyal opposition MP's will be forced out of the Parliament in the coming 2010 general election by the millions who now voted forcibly for the regime.
Ato Lidetu can not field candidates in Addis because he is against "new election in Addis" which ignored sixty of the seat he claimed won in the 2005 election. I am not sure about that. What we know is Kinijit won all the seats in Addis and your claim now it is your party not Kinijit is not defensible and the regime turns your loyalty upside down and  call new election to control Addis Ababa one hundred percent.
There was one truth in this interview. Ato Lidetu said that the Ethiopian people, most of Addis Ababeans, are against his party and he can not see the face of the crowd and  prefer to quietly fight maybe changing his residency to keep his seat in the 2010 general election.
However, his fall from grace is not because of hate propaganda against him by Kinijit he alleged but rather because of his betrayal of his comrades in 2005 and his deeds after election. The current split in Kinijit leadership can not help him either because some are ready to repeat his mistakes and try to convince us everything will be OK. in  Ethiopia's politics if their party is registered legally.
"The mother of all registrations", Ato Lidetu, has saved his seat until 2010 general election,however, the promised  win can only be possible if he runs under the TPLF/EPRDF's ticket. This is also true to the few leaders who run away from Kinijit currently engaged in "legalization" of their faction by avoiding the masses who voted for them.
The regime had made it clear that there will not be a repetition of May 2005. "Fair and Free Election" will be a pipe dream for Ethiopians and this time Melese Zenawi does not need loyal oppositions like Lidetu or new comers who are now busy knocking his office where Lidetu once entered and soon will be forced out because he like the new comers have no constituencies.