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Thursday, 20 March 2008

Life under TPLF, an Ethiopian Somali Prerspective

Tedla Asfaw
Abdullahi Dahir Moge wrote a fascinating piece( dissecting  the claim by TPLF/EPRDF of "decentralization of power"  to regions in Ethiopia for the first time  based on the article 39 of the Ethiopian Constitution that recognized  the right of self determination of nationalities.
We all know that was fake but what Abdullahhi did was that he put flesh on the story and tell us the day to day political gymnastics played by TPLF cadres in the name of governing regions by giving orders on spot and appointing unknowns in manyl regions of Ethiopia by people who are not at all respected by the people in those regions.
Such kind of governance was practiced much better in Ethiopia in the Imperial Ethiopia. The king appointed 'Dejazmaches" in regions like Afar, Oromo, Tigray etc who are accountable to him and collect taxes and make sure that they accept the King as their own and these regional appointees  had some respect on their regions. The case of "Betwodede Ali Mirahe" of Afar is one I know very well.
We are now replacing King Haile Selassie's feudal method of governing by Melese's style of ruling which is basically not different and in fact more arrogant because he does not even recruit those respected people in their regions rather unknowns and disliked individuals to continue his brute rule on his subjects.
Regions in Ethiopia are not at all free and they are the fiefdoms of TPLF like they were under King Haile Selassie and what changes is that this one is covered by the fake article 39 of the Ethiopian Constitution which boasts  as the first for Ethiopian nations and nationalities given by the gallant fighters of TPLF for oppressed nationalities of Ethiopia.
The oppressed nationalities of Oromos, Somalis and others are now fighting to remove the TPLF tyranny imposed on their regions for the last sixteen years understandably not covered on Abudallihi's  piece and I hope in the near future he will inspire us by writing another piece how TPLF's war machinery is conducting its daily killing business in all regions of Ethiopia.