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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

The down fall of New York's 54th Governor

Tedla Asfaw

Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer read a brief letter of resignation, ninety seconds, from his midtown Manhattan office this morning(March 12). His motorcade was followed by the media and was televised live in New York City resembling the infamous OJ chase in Los Angeles more than ten years ago.

The tough prosecutor turned Governor was caught this week on soliciting sex that is now reported paying $ 80,000 for prostitutes which goes on for years transferring money from his back account to a known men's club for rich and powerful.

Our 54th governor and client number 9 on FBI's list is gone for good from politics. New York effective this coming Monday will have a new governor. David Paterson is going to be the first African American and legally blind governor and we will be fine.

We have seen two governors in our tri-state region resign because of scandal and President Clinton's impeachment trial for his sex adventure by lowering the office is still fresh in our mind. In fact his wife is now running for presidency of the country. Time will tell us if this well educated lawyer,Mrs. Spitzer, will have a desire for politics like her disgraced husband and if he will be on her side.

The tough former prosecutor fall from grace is a story that will initiate books and movies, however, for those of us who live in New York we would like the current budget crisis in the state to be dealt with with the new spirit of cooperation which was not the case by the bulling nature of the 54th governor.