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Friday, 23 May 2008

Defending Sudan for Money without Shame !!!

Tedla Asfaw
Professor Mesfin Woldemariam's short interview with German Amharic (May 22), after "no one is  displaced" lie by Melese Zenawi for his captive parliament for answer to  his own cadre question, is educational and a warning for Ethiopians. Accurately Professor described Melese as someone who is defending Sudan by bringing arguments like" kind and "gentle Sudanese" who "allowed" poor Ethiopians to "stay" on the land with their permission.
The "Gwyne" line is a known fact but twisted by Melese Zenawi, Sudan defender. Professor Mesfin and fellow scholars who are still alive studied it during Derg time and produced a document that Melese failed to show to his admiring audience. According to their findings there were written correspondences between Ethiopia and England that finally agreed on the line to delineate their borders by moving the Gwyne Line accodingly and totally different than Melese's new map of Ethiopia, based on his "Gwyne Line" , which purposely hiding it from his sleepy and useless parliament fearing public outcry.
Moreover, Melese and Beshir's agreed "Ethiopia's new map" is rewarding "Kind Sudan" with huge land stretched for more than one and half km with an average depth  of 30 km deep inside Ethiopian territory where alluvial land and water resource is available is now on its final phase and it is no more secret.
No wonder many Sudanese students have been investing their time to work on PHD focusing the bread and water issue long before they discovered oil. According to Professor Mesfin only the late Dr. Abdumadjid Hussein did a study on this border delineation and Ethiopians who have been living in a fertile rain fed area for generations never thought of that one day those who were dreaming their land  will get someone who claimed to be their leader will hand it over and defend such deal officially in his Parliament without shame.
Melese the defender of Sudan is truly sold our land for money and we should not waste time on that. Our next move is to defend our land and prepare for the long war which will bring down his regime and his ally in Sudan. What a shame! A  land Yohnesse gave his head to be given on silver plate to his killers on our age.
TPLF's arrogance has no boundary. It has now stretched from Mogadishu to our frontier in the west. They believe starved and poor Ethiopia will submit to  petro dollar intoxicated militia of Sudan and TPLF and let them know that there are many Yohaneses ready to sacrifice to evict all intruders form outside and within.