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Wednesday, 7 May 2008

OLF denounces the illegal transaction of Ethiopian land !!!

Tedla Asfaw
OLF Amharic May 6 commented that the recent land
"transaction" between TPLF and Sudan is a mutual
agreement benefiting both regimes.

Sudan according to the commentary will hand opponents
to TPLF and make sure its land including the one it
was given by TPLF as a "gift" not to be used as a
military base by TPLF's opponents.

We have seen another deal between Puntland
administration,Somalia and TPLF that resulted to the
handling of ONLF high officials for exchange of guns.
There was no land transaction between Puntland and
TPLF this time because Puntland has no strong army to
challenge ONLF. However, we can not rule out that
possibility for the future.

The long term goal of the land "gift" to Sudan
according to the OLF commentary is to plant a long
term conflict between Sudan and Ethiopia mirroring the
Badme "fiasco" which took the lives of tens of
thousands of Ethiopians.

It went further and challenged all opponents of the
regime to come together and remove this regime to
detonate all the bombs planted inside and outside
Ethiopia before it takes our people and country for a
devastating conflict among ourselves and with
neighboring countries.



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