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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Sixty Seven years of Victory Day Celebration!!

Ethiopians yesterday celebrated the return of Emperor
Haile Selassie and the defeat of fascist Italy after
five years of brutal occupation which took the lives
of more than half a million people and destruction of
our religious establishments and many permanently
disabled citizens.

Our country is currently fighting home grown fascists
and their foreign collaborators with no clear leaders
on the people side.

It is time to ask these simple question after we
failed miserably in the last sixteen years and the
enemy of Ethiopia still in driver seat.

Where are this generation of "Ras Abebe Aregaye's,
Belaye Zelekese, Moges Asegedom, Abraha Deboche" and

Many as in the past who were praying and singing for
Mussolini are telling us this time that Ethiopia has
never had such smart leader in her recent history and
finance Melese Zenawi to our misery.

Enough is enough.let us unite and rally to remove
Melese and his cliques from power and liberate our
country once again.

                                 Happy Victory Day!!

                                  Tedla Asfaw

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