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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Ethiopians say no to Meles and Beshir's land deal

Tedla Asfaw

Yesterday's demonstration in D.C in front of Meles' Embassy in protest of the giving away of Ethiopia's land to Sudan surely has got many ears back home.

Melese and Beshir both are waging brutal war in their own country and their military are stretched and in no way can solidify their secret deal and it is up to the Ethiopian people in Gonder area to evict the Sudan army from their region.

The recent trip of Seyum Mesfin is surely to buy time to finalize the deal and for that TPLF need time to divide the resistance by planting its cadres among the people.

The Diaspora's protest like the one in D.C surely is a big moral support for those who are resisting to hand over their land for Beshir.

I also thank Ato Merchaw Sinishaw the host of Ethiopiawinet Radio for telling the truth in VOA's
short interview about the protest and all who came and voice their anger.