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Friday, 9 May 2008

Rally at Ralph J. Bunche park in New York City

Tedla Asfaw

As we all are aware of, from May 15 - May 18 Ethiopians
in the Diaspora are showing solidarity with their
people and reach out to each other and move on the
spirit of May 15, 2005 where Ethiopians on their vote
back home shook the foundation of tyranny beyond
repair forever.

On this spirit, Ethiopians in New York Metropolitan
area and from New Jersey have organized a rally on May
15, 2008 on the third anniversary of our people
victory over TPLF tyranny.

Since then many lives have been lost and many jailed
including Teddy Afro loved by many Ethiopians for his
pro-Ethiopian songs. Moreover, the killing has been
exported to neighboring Somalia since December 2006
and to our Ogaden for a diversionary plot without
success in the name of war on terror financed by Bush

The victims of TPLF are all nationalities and we need
to come together to defeat this regime and the
separate ways we go to defeat the regime though has
weakened the regime there should be a united assault
to give a final blow and take our liberty from the
hands of homegrown fascists.

I call all Ethiopians to come on May 15, 2008 to the
famous site here in New York City where people of the
world gather to show their denunciation of terror and

All Ethiopians are invited to come to the Ralph J.
Bunche Park in front of Peace Form One obelisk at
First Avenue 42nd Street across the U.N headquarters
and celebrate our people victory three years ago over

The rally from 9 am to 2:30 pm is also a call for
political parties to form a united front against TPLF
and narrow differences among ourselves. As you know
the great obstacle of peace, TPLF, currently is  busy
in giving away Ethiopia's land for Sudan in exchange
of denying oppositions safe heaven to conduct their

Our struggle against TPLF can not be won while some
fight and die and others look on sideline and it is
critical to hold each others hand and remove the
regime who is killing and abusing our people each day.

We are also condemning the illegal occupation of
Somalia and the killing of elderly, women and children
and show solidarity with fellow Somalis who are now
fighting to liberate their land from TPLF forces.

Come and participate on this rally at a critical time
our region and Ethiopia has been forced to after
Ethiopians rejected the brutal regime of Melese Zenawi
exactly three years ago.

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