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Friday, 26 September 2008

Boycott TPLF !!!!

Tedla Asfaw

The boycott of TPLF affiliated businesses which started recently spearheaded by Ethiopiawinet Radio in D.C. has now become a rallying cry for our people  back in Ethiopia because the news of the boycott has got coverage by German and VOA Amharic which is widely heard in Ethiopia. The boycott that started on the "Injera" originated from Ethiopia sold fresh by the distributors here in USA is now spreading to liquors and the TPLF affiliated restaurants are going to be affected by this boycott.

The claim by the distributors that they are not making money and their goal is to explore the market potential of Ethiopian "Teff" has not convinced anyone. The claim also of creating jobs for some Ethiopians  is hardly convincing anyone too.

"Teff" has been introduced for outside world years ago and we have not seen so far its other potential except for food. However,at a time the international community is struggling to feed millions of Ethiopians, the idea of  selling "Injera" for the Diaspora Ethiopians who have plenty of food to eat is too immoral and extremely selfish.

The boycott on products like liquors coming from TPLF owned businesses will surely deny foreign currency for a regime. We all know TPLF has moved huge money in various investments out of the country and would like to profit more from the Diaspora buying power in the restaurant related businesses which is growing very fast.

This economic boycott of TPLF surely will grow through time and will spread throughout the Ethiopian Diaspora and will encourage all to participate and be part of this huge struggle to free our people from tyranny by drying its finance.

Ethiopians back home will be encouraged and stay away from all TPLF controlled businesses which are now strangling our people from small kiosks up to big businesses. Such common struggle will empower our people and  and united them by actions since our people have no other platforms to express their frustration and anger like so many of us do here.

The regime in Ethiopia has a long plan to stay in power as former high official of TPLF Ato Gebru Asrat disclosed last week here in USA This is a regime who decided to stay on power for the next forty years to bring "development" for Ethiopia . For that goal they have already recruited  four million members and controlled all areas of jobs in "private" and "government". Their strategy is total control of production and distribution so that Ethiopians are under the mercy of TPLF for their survival.

The majority of farmers in rural Ethiopia are also hostages to the fertilizer and loan given by the TPLF owned businesses and if he or she can not pay back the loan the only choice is to leave the land and go to cities for begging or being hired as laborers for the profiting farms of TPLF affiliated so called private farms.

Ethiopians in the long run will just be servants of TPLF and that is their forty years plan and we have to do our part to shatter this wicked endeavor and bring an Ethiopia which is free for all its citizens. We have started by saying no to all TPLF businesses in the Diaspora and we are already seeing the panic on the enemy camp.