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Monday, 15 September 2008

Executive experience's lack or racism ?

Tedla Asfaw

American International Group(AIG), the insurance giant, Merill Lynch, today Lehman Brothers and  who knows what is next and one thing is sure, USA economy is on big meltdown and many working Americans are  going to lose big time. Wait a minute !!! I heard McCain's running mate, Sarah Paline,  calling for the Federal government to "get off from our back" and why she then is quite for the  "911" call from multimillionaires last night to the Federal Government? Is it as one put it recently on New York Times letters to the editor, socialize the pain and individualize the profit.

Is it not the same Federal Government that bailed out today  Lehman Brothers and other companies recently at a huge cost for tax payers ? McCain and his running mate want to lower tax and they are not telling us where they got the money to bail out the millionaires who have huge stocks and the large share of the investment of these failed companies.

If Americans vote for their pockets the elections should have been settled by now. Unfortunately the economy which should have been the focus of debate sidetracked for issues like "experience" which was not an issue back when George Bush took office eight years ago or Clinton in 1992.

Obama's "lack of executive experience" is a diversionary issue because Obama has equal if not more experience than George Bush when he took office. It is then very interesting to see why the race for White House is hard to tell this time when  the current economic meltdown indict the Bush/McCain failed economic policy without any doubt. Then how comes many suburban working whites prefer McCain to Obama according the recent polls? Is it not McCain part of the current problem than the solution.

The "experience question" might be the code for "race preference ". If Obama had been white the race for White House should have been over by now because all Americans including the suburban working suffered under the failed Bush economic policy which  McCain was part of.

Voting for McCain is tantamount to supporting failed Bush economic policy and we will pay dearly in the next four years. We should not also have double standard for the role of government in America. We can not hail when government bail out millionaires and condemn its role for helping working Americans.