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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Name change with the same foundation !!!

Tedla Asfaw

Engineer Hailu Shawel after trying all avenues to reclaim the "kinijit" name which was sold on a flea market at a retail level not wholesale by TPLF forced to take another avenue according to his yesterday interview with VOA Amharic and reclaim the name "Melaw Ethiopia Andenet Dereget"/ All Ethiopia Unity Party/AEUP rather than as he said "seat and cry".

Make no mistake, AEUP is more than ninety percent of Kinijit/CUDP that voted "Kinijit" in the stolen election of May 2005 and had wide support in the cities and rural Ethiopia.

This action is a survival action and it is not and will not guarantee AEUP to function freely in today's Ethiopia. AEUP had a record of mobilizing millions of Ethiopians before the May 2005 election and was and is the root and stem of  CUD/Kinijit party that was formed including  some new comers like "Rainbow", TPLF's planted Lidetu's party and Beyene's party.

Engineer Hailu is on a new mission, he is taking huge risk for himself and his supporters on challenging TPLF once more and as he said he will not be part of any election to give legitimacy for the ruling mafia in 2010 unless  the right to organize and assemble is respected for our people.

If the recent so called "local election" is a clue, TPLF is ready to rule for more years to come by buying votes and fielding millions of candidates and AEUP will not be part of such a joke and such willing collaborators are plenty in the name of "opposition", the likes of Lidetu and other new comers.