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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Ethiopian millennium/Menem Yelem and the coming New Year/Addis Meaate

Tedla Asfaw

It was exactly a year ago here in the Diaspora we were debating to find Ethiopian word for the English word "millennium" while the TPLF media bombarded us with millennium  including those who are known TPLF supporters here. True to its Amharic equivalent I coined as "Minem Yelem"  of 2000 the coming Ethiopian 2001 new year of  September 11 will be not new year  "Addis Amete". We can say  from the experience of 2000EC it will be the coming of "another disaster" or "Addis Meaate" pronounced as Addis- Me- aate.

Here comes the Ethiopian "Mineme Yeleme Addis Meaate" translated, the "Ethiopian empty and hopeless coming year of 2001". You can accuse me of being pessimistic who always say "negative" about the "development" of Ethiopia. You are wright !! I forget the million Birr counting farmers of Ethiopia Tagaye Azeb Mesfin "disclosed" on her educational interview recently.

 Tagaye Azeb Mesfin's statement is partly true.There are less than half percent of the ruling TPLF who enjoy life in Ethiopia,counting in millions and want to celebrate the coming year hoping their wealth to double and triple. The "few millions" unfortunate urban and rural poor,however, will be fed for the new year with cheap "wheat" made available thanks to  our hard working prime minister.

However, fourteen millions of Ethiopians have to forget about new year what I call  "Addis Meaate" waiting for the unfolding of another disaster . It will be a year of starvation and many deaths both in rural and urban Ethiopia. This coming "Addis Meaate" surely will start as the past year  thinking on what to eat,drink and worry for survival.

Last week on "Nestanet Le Ethiopia Radio" there was a report of school children in Addis Ababa collapsing in school for  coming to school without food. It was also reported on the radio that humanitarian organization might be forced to set up feeding centres close to schools. This is the Ethiopia of Meles Zenawi which is boasting of  double digit economic growth and claim controlling the current "food shortage" in Ethiopia according to him  exaggerated as famine by his enemies to score a political point.

The year 2001EC is going to be a year of famine,war and hopelessness and to come out from this crisis Ethiopians have to say enough is enough and take matter on  their own hands. TPLF policy to  rule poor and destitute Ethiopians forever by staging make believe elections has to be challenged and defeated with coordinated "Enough is Enough" mass mobilization.

Ethiopians current problem of  famine and war is TPLF made and until our people are freed from this rule we will never celebrate New Year of hope but recycling the Old Disaster with New Disaster or what I call in Amharic "Addis Meaate".