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Sunday, 14 September 2008

Fwd: Teddy Afro's cellmate

Tedla Asfaw

What a shocker for most of us but a wicked plan to finish Teddy Afro. Today Addis Dimts Radio(Sept. 14) reported that Seye Abraha on his New Year wish for Teddy Afro confirmed that Teddy's cellmate is the late Meles' Security Chief Kinfe Gebremedhin alleged killer.

Here is my problem. Let this man be an scapegoat and do the bad job for TPLFand later to be eliminated as a perpetrator . This is what you call with one stone two birds. We have to expose this sinister plan before it materializes and held Meles responsible for the safety of the beloved son of Ethiopia.

The late Emperor Haile Selasse death under Mengistu custody should not not be allowed to repeat here and by not rallying for Teddy's immediate removal from the danger cell surely his death cell we will indirectly helping the gathering danger to materialize.

Let us come out and force TPLF to remove Teddy from his death cell immediately. We ask also the Amnesty International to intervene on behalf of Teddy Afro before a tragedy struck.