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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

George Bush and the flying shoes !!

Tedla Asfaw

Wow !!!, late night TV here in USA was overwhelmed by the flying shoe incident of George Bush in Iraq to be exact size 10 and I do not know its brand or the odor if it was toxic or not.

George Bush showed to the whole world he has a good knowledge of balls. Those who know him owning baseball team in Texas are not surprised by his instinct and dodging  the flying shoe what I call the "fast ball" send to his head by the Iraq "pitcher" who is now under the custody of the Iraq army.

If this was on the baseball field,dugouts will be cleared and many could be involved on fist fight. George Bush's  buddy, the Iraq prime minister failed to show any reaction on this incident and that shows he is not good at all in balls. Our Bush is a smart ball handler and that is why he did not panic and fall to the ground on the unexpected arrival of flying shoe from short distance.

The Iraq journalist "fame" on the wider Arab world is not unexpected . The Bush that was seen  holding the Saudi Royal's hand will surely now be seen together  with the flying shoe for all who opposes USA policy in Middle East and will be a permanent video which is part of the legacy of George Bush's war in Iraq that costs thousands of lives both Iraqis and Americans.

The billions of the USA tax payers money the war costs also  could have been  worth spending it here home or help many poor Arabs building their infrastructures and hence  flying flowers can  replace flying shoes and we all could have been winners.

For those who try to replicate this sign of protest maybe in Afghanistan you should be careful, however. President Obama is not only a good basketball player who can catch any ball on the air but can also  dunk it on your face.