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Friday, 26 December 2008

Looking for love in a wrong place !!

Tedla Asfaw

Dear Brother Girma Kassa,

Most of your writings usually end up with call for love/Fiker and your current piece in Amharic "begging" TPLF/EPRDF to rescind its three days ultimatum it gave to judge Birtukan Medeksa to "RE APOLOGIZE" or face jail brings me to question the love and its new preacher Tamerat Layne you quote. First, I do not agree with  Tamerat Layne  turns  "Pastor"  preaching about love. It is too early and too soon for a man who has blood on his hand to preach about love, seems to me the quick turning of TPLF from Albanian Communism to American capitalism eighteen years ago overnight . Let "Pastor" Tamerat Layne confess for his past sins, for taking innocent lives and urging in public for elimination of Amharas in Eastern Ethiopia where you grew up, as his new religion demands.

I can agree with you that Judge Birtukan deserves real love. However, you are looking for love in a wrong place. Not on the vocabularies of TPLF what you prefer to call it for "love" sake  EPRDF, "Melketefu Beseme Yedegefu". I have not read  the TPLF Constitution you declare a good document and I have serious doubt however if there is anything written about love for an individual or country there. Is article 39 of the Ethiopian Constitution about  love ?

If you are selectively accusing TPLF for  blackmailing you are also wrong too.  Judge Birtukan is a young promising leader so do Weizero Mesobewerk Kitawe the editor of "Andenet" newspaper who is thrown to jail last week. How comes you who are calling for Tamerat Layne's kind of love not to speak on  behalf of the other woman. Does she not deserve love too ?

Love do not discriminate Ato Girma and I want you to speak forcefully or beg  on behalf of Weizero Mesobewerk, Teddy Afro, many others  and the hundreds of Somali refugees who are thrown to jail by TPLF as we speak.  I pray for your success brother and keep on loving you.