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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Official declaration of war on patriotic Ethiopians !!!

Tedla  Asfaw

 We saw the final episode of  the abduction and jailing of Teddy Afro yesterday wrapped in the name of Justice for the homeless man who was killed in a hit-and-run accident more than two years ago. We saw in the past, many Ethiopian patriots, the  likes of  the late professor Asrart Woldeyese abducted and held hostage until their death. Ethiopians are familiar with an Abduct and jail tactics of TPLF. For foreign bank rollers of the regime, the stage circus chaired by Cadre Leul Gebremariam ended by making sure that Teddy Afro will not see the light of the day until TPLF is in power.

The ball is now on the peoples court and no time to waste talking  nonsense before the next Teddy Afro is dragged to silence the pro Ethiopian forces and  flood the country with paid opposition forces, paid electorate to keep TPLF for the next forty years in power to finish yet their unrealized dream of destroying everything Ethiopian, the land and its people.

Ruling by blackmailing and terror can not be defeated until we change our tactics. TPLF butchers and cadres can not be defeated by condemning their injustices alone. We have to deny them the monopoly of terror and let them be challenged in  their green zone or safe heaven.

Teddy is gone for good and is now a hostage. The hostage takers are responsible for what is to come now. Crying terrorism can not save them as we saw in Somalia. We have to hit them back in the language they know and we have to be ready for the consequence. Ethiopian dignity is violated by this few racist thieves to cover their on going crime in Oromia, Ogaden and Somalia.

Meles declared war on patriotic Ethiopians officially and he should be answered in kind. Talk of peace has no place and we Ethiopians should give ultimatum for the resignation of Meles and to be brought to international court for crimes he committed in the last eighteen years while in power.

The wanted list of the criminal gangs of TPLF has to be official for the international community and until these criminals brought to justice, the war of resistance will continue. We want to make it clear too that those countries who are helping these criminals in any form are the enemies of Ethiopians who care less for justice, human right and democracy.