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Thursday, 11 December 2008

Ye Ethiopia Adera Dimtse Radio

Tedla Asfaw

The December 10 program of "Ye Ethiopia Adera Dimts" program , posted on is worth listening. It  brought respected voices of the people that includes Eng. Hailu Shawel a popularly elected opposition leader, Obang Metho and Tamagen,  activists from  the Diaspora on  its program.

I hope this young radio will continue to entertain voices that will  make real differences in Ethiopia and avoid the trap of being the voice of any party. The name "Adera" in Ethiopia has a big connotation.   One of the saying in Ethiopia in Amharic, "Ye Tesete Adera Ke Mitefa Ye Woledute Yitfa" shows,  promise/Adera  given to someone has much more value even than once own child and never to be abandoned at any circumstance.

Radios who are the voices of  parties and other independent radios like "Adera" have  big job of mobilizing Ethiopians to battle the TPLF racist thugs on all fronts and they should be supported and encouraged by the public.

Let us all promise to focus on the real enemy, TPLF,  and bring freedom to our people by respecting our differences. The next Monday (Dec. 15) rally in D.C. organized by different radio stations to call for unconditional release of Teddy Afro is an initiative  which has a full support of Ethiopians and let us come out in force, snow or rain, and show Ethiopian Unity for foes and friends.