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Monday, 1 December 2008

Truth or "Gehade" ?

Tedla Asfaw

"Gehade" or "Hake" in Amharic means "Truth", first came out in Tigrena few years ago and is now translated to Amharic and is  sold in many Ethiopian centers here in the diaspora. The author, Ato Asgede Gebre Selassie, one of the eleven founders of TPLF was the host of Abebe Belew on yesterday's(Nov. 30) Addis Dimits. You can go to and follow the forty five minutes interview.

Ato Tariku Dama should also be thanked for translating the book to Amharic . The book's main objective is to shed light on the "master and slave relationship" between TPLF and Shabia.

The master and slave relationship after the toppling of Derg and Ethiopia's occupation was governed by the famous slogan. "Eritrea Yegelachene, Ethiopia Yegarachene", "Eritrea is for only Eritreans  and Ethiopia for all of us to plunder".

The division in TPLF after Badme war, "the war between masters and slaves", Shabia and TPLF, the  involvement in Somalia by force two years ago by TPLF and Isaias' support for the Ethiopian and Somali opposition forces in Asmara was not covered in this interview. The master and slave relationship seems to evolve into who is going to be the master of the Horn of Africa.

However, Ato Asgede avoided talking about the forces like EPRP that  were the victims of both TPLF and Shabia. Many Tigreans and other Ethiopians gave their life fighting  TPLF and Isaias/Shabia anti-Ethiopian forces.If the book is indeed is telling "the truth" the author has to take responsibility for its shortcomings and make the "Full Truth" in the future.