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Thursday, 1 January 2009

Birtukan our San Suu Kyi by Wondimu Mekonen

Tedla Asfaw

Happy Yeferenj New Year editors of EMF, My first reading for this new year took me to and read Brother Wondimu's  piece in Amharic where he compares the lives of two brave women, Birtu Kahen/Birtukan and San Suu Kyi of Burma and the two mafia regime, the military junta of Burma and the racist, fascist regime of TPLF.

I wish he had also analyzed if there is any similarity between the people of Burma and Ethiopia. Strong believers and the peaceful manner they conducted themselves might be taken as weakness on their abusers minds, as we know Burma has been under military for more than two decades and we are now close too. Both people are praying for intervention from heaven.

I met once a Burmese doctor and he told me how China and Thailand working hand glove with the military junta/mafia by giving away,"exporting", Burmese natural resources for protection. Timber and many minerals are sold cheaply to mainly China and also Thailand . China is Strong supporter and defender of Burma on the world stage.

If Burma is democratic the doctor told me the day light robbery and looting of his country will stop immediately.  in the case of Ethiopia, the West is using this racist regime not to see a democratic and assertive Ethiopia in the Horn and lately also an outsourcing for cheap fighting soldiers like we witnessed in Somalia.

TPLF is trying to play west against China for its own survival and poor Ethiopia unlike Burma has no western friends. However, Ethiopia has millions of its children in exile who can tell the truth for the world community any day and time. No one can buy us brother, we are not fro sale !!!

                                                               Kaleshe Kalachene, Birtu Kahene