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Monday, 26 January 2009

Non-believers are coming once again !!!

Tedla Asfaw

I followed Ato Nejib an Ethiopian Muslim on Ethiopiawient Radio on Jan. 25 discussing this past week attack on fellow Ethiopian Muslims by hooligans  in Gonder. This is coinciding with Meles finalizing the giving away of our land from Metema to Gambella  for undisclosed amount of money for the butcher of Darfur, Behsir, who is soon will be dragged to International Criminal Court to face charges.

The attack on Gonder is also choreographed  by Cadre Paulos supporters who openly wore Tshirts insulting Muslims in Addis Ababa. A violent incident also happened in Dire Dawa on Ethiopian Christmas/Gena celebration few weeks ago. Surprisingly, Ethiopian Muslims and Christians thanks to the elders call for restraint  did not fall to the trap of non-believers/money worshipers, Meles and Cadre Paulos.

TPLF has played this religious card in the past  to divide our people many times and many lives were lost as a result of it.  However, the plan to divide our people as Christians and Muslims failed to materialize due to our people culture of tolerance which is tasted for thousands of years. The ethnic map of TPLF that was drawn eighteen years ago that  failed to dismantle our country  is now on its last phase of  religious war without boundary to keep us busy for coming years from north to south, east to west of Ethiopia.

Since the politically motivated census that under count big time Ethiopian  Muslims in the Diaspora Muslims rejected the census result as a politically motivated and fellow Ethiopian Christians also exposed the under counting of Ethiopian Orthodox Christians as a ploy by Cadre Paulos to divide Christians.

Both TPLF and Cadre Paulos'  main interest is to keep their regime in power to loot our poor country. Poor Ethiopians main problem is not spiritual but a dignified physical survival. The youth of Ethiopia that is encouraged to start war in cities and rural Ethiopia is jobless  paid by TPLF and Cadre Paulos to divert us from our united sruggle to remove TPLF from power.

It is time for the Diaspora Ethiopians to come together and expose this crime committed in the name of religion in our country by few non-believers  dividing our people to profit from our wealth and blood to rule us forever by fomenting religous hate which is unEthiopian.