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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Open letter to General Seye Abraha

Dear General Seye Abraha,

I  was one of those who wrongly believed after you were released from TPLF jail that you  will learn from your past mistakes and help the struggle to remove TPLF. My believe, however, was shattered after I read your few pieces in Amharic and recently followed your interview on VOA Amharic.

Your assessment of the 2005 popular rejection of TPLF as if it never materialized and in fact blamed the opposition leaders lack of experience and played down the popular interest in exercising the right to vote was a red flag for me. It seems you are not ready for one person one vote if threatens your buddies/TPLF  who have been in power  for the last eighteen years.

For you General, those who sacrificed  to remove Derg should always be a beneficiary of the wealth of the country as unquestionable reward, win for life. You never mentioned a word on who owns what and kept the secret of TPLF's wealth until now, the untouchable.

That is the red line you will never cross to stay as a "free man".  You can  criticize the "revolutionary democracy'" of TPLF/EPRDF and blame some for dictatorship. Can I ask you a simple question General if I may. How much is your wealth  and can you make it public ?

How comes the lives of the thousands of Ethiopians lost under your leadership in Badme's war in the late 1980s do not deserve your assessment while the 2005 election you did not participate deserves your criticism on radios and writings ?

How comes a man who openly boasted as  "war maker" being  silent on the big war that he led with devastating consequence and not telling the truth is mind boggling for me and many Ethiopians. Doesn't democracy demand such accountability ?

General Seye, if you are serious about the well being of millions of Ethiopians and not the very  few who have been on power for almost two decades, let you tell the whole truth on your soon coming "autobiography" and find millions of followers including myself to realize your future political dream..


                                                                                       Tedla Asfaw