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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Policy change for Ethiopia ????

Tedla Asfaw

On this historical day  we Africans are proud that we have one of our own in the White House. The highest expectations from Obama's election by many Americans white and black ,however, might  not be realized until the end of his presidency and most likely Americans will reelect him and be president until 2016 and finish what  he started.

However, the concern we Ethiopians have for mother country will not be tackled as we hoped it urgently and differently because Africa is now on the hands of the Clinton people who worked and supported TPLF for eight years and handed it over to Bush that continued the support and finance as  an ally on terror to terrorize our people.

Our country hope is squarely on a well organized diaspora's relentless campaign and protest that should start immediately and go on until it bears fruit and let we Ethiopians learn from grass root movements that are responsible for making today's history and mobilize our people and force change rather than wait from the angels in the White House.