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Friday, 2 January 2009

Fwd: Adaneche Fisaheye of VOA get it wrong !!!

Tedla Asfaw

VOA's Adaneche on her second part interview today (Jan. 2) with Dr. Beyan Asoba, OLF spokesperson,  sounded  like a TPLF cadre.

"What are you fighting for ?, And we know that  fighting  in Congo and other places have only brought destruction and loss of lives ", and Dr Beyan who thanked Adaneche many times  understandably not to miss such opportunities for future fight back, "If you say accept slavery and second class status on your own land, forget about it we have no choice except sacrificing for freedom".

Weizero Adaneche seems to follow the TPLF cadres and supporters known argument.  Fighting for once write by carrying arms when all the peaceful means is closed is only a God given right for TPLF. The gun that propelled TPLF to power in 1991 is no longer an alternative for other opponents.

This argument clearly shows the arrogance of TPLF and its supporters. It is only we who know how to win by barrels of gun, "Torenete Mashenefe Becha Sayehone, Mefterem Enechelalen", translated to English, "it is only us who know how to win and make wars".

True to their slogan they created war in Somalia two yeas ago. For their surprise the two years resistance and the final expulsion of TPLF from Somalia is a rude awakening for TPLF and its supporters.

Weizero Adaneche's anger to the end of her interview is a testimony of such arrogance. That is why she avoided wisely TPLF's defeat in Somalia in her door step that gave a timely lesson on how to use guns effectively for a cause, whatever it might be.

The gun which was  good for TPLF is also good for other oppositions who are now currently fighting TPLF military dominance. That is what Somalis did, ONLF, OLF and others are doing and we should not be angry at them.