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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Arena Tigray in Mekelle

Tedla Asfaw

The first test of Gebru Asrate's Arena Party was on Mekelle and you can go to and listen to what Girmaye Gebru of VOA compiled. Meles' youth tried to break the gathering after smearing those opposing Meles' TPLF as "Amhara lovers".

The hate ideology of Meles is not leaving any one including those who sacrificed a  lot for the power of TPLF and are now discarded as "enemies". Ato Gebru and his friends pretty learn what to come on the so called fake election and it is time for all to call for the formation of a transitional government  to replace TPLF and save our country.

The "revolutionary democracy" of TPLF is neither revolutionary nor democracy, it is in  black and  white  holing  power for infinity by pitting one ethnic or religious group against the  other.

If Gebru Asrat is vilified for speaking in public few years ago in Addis as "enemy" collaborator, Amhara lover, and Judge Birtukan Medeksa  jailed for life  for not saying "Sorry" to the king or Teddy Afro  jailed for not singing for the current king to rule us for life, how is it going be possible to struggle peacefully in Ethiopia ?