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Monday, 2 February 2009

Fwd: Rally for policy change towards Ethiopia

Tedla Asfaw

The new Obama administration acting Secretary of African Affairs, Philip Carter , is currently travelling to Ethiopia. Mrs. Clinton, the Secretary of State will officially be to  State Department next Monday and we would like to welcome her.  On Monday February 9  Ethiopians will come together to denounce the last eighteen years of failed USA policy and call for the resignation of Meles Zenawi and his racist party TPLF immediately.

The protest in front of  the State department in D.C. at 10 am is our first in the new Obama administration and all Ethiopians are welcome. The mobilization of Ethiopians in the diaspora is the only option available to help our people realize the May 2005 hope that was squashed by the Meles killing squads.

Moreover, our people are currently living under military decree and can not come out and show their disgust to the ruling mafia for its  financiers, Europe and America. We would like the new Obama administration  help our people exercise their God given rights of free speech and assembly to be respected and not to listen  to our tormentors in power for the last eighteen years..

If we do not see tangible policy of change immediately we will expose this administration like we did in the past by organizing continuous protests until change comes and we are ready for that. Some who discourage us not to participate in anti- TPLF rally by bringing flimsy excuses about who organized the protest and nothing will come out from protest, I will remind them that such excuses are not accepted especially this time  when the grass movement of Americans  succeeded in putting African American for the first time while many including myself were thinking otherwise.

Yes we can influence Obama's policy towards  mother  Ethiopia and what we need is mobilization taking example from  Obama himself, yes our people have shown their readiness like Americans.  We would like to remind also President  Obama that if he had to run for office in Ethiopia by now he would have been  in jail or killed. We hope he will be with the Ethiopian people not with the unelected killers..