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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

TPLF's Environmental Terror !!!

Tedla Asfaw

The Koka Lake I know has turned green thanks to the chemicals damped to the lake. Fertilizers, Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus heavily used to produce commercial flowers and the untreated water from factories surrounding  Addis Ababa are the main causes. The less than thirty minutes  video on Al Jazeera, " People and Power and Green Lake " aired on Feb 21 is now posted on and it is a must see, what I call another terror by TPLF, environmental terror that feed the algae while killing our people.

Mothers lost many  children due to the carcinogen which is now contaminating Lake Koka and people are dying that was not the case the Koka I know more than twenty years ago. Al Jazeera billed  the program as a cost of the heavy growth of Addis Ababa and its surroundings and avoid to blame the government who owned most of the these polluting industries and flower farms.

Except one European owner of the flower farm around Lake Ziway far from the Green Lake of Koka no owner comes in public to be interviewed. The Ethiopian tyrant while he was addressing his Youth in Addis Ababa few weeks ago, there was one question of water related hazard for which he blames the hide industry and that was a one minute question and answer and so much for the concern of the government.

Ethiopia has no government that is accountable for the health and the safety of its citizens and that is the bottom line. Human lives are secondary and Al Jazeera if it zoomed its lenses they could have shown children, young and elderly with no home  begging in the surrounding government owned high rises.

The sad thing is foreign partners of this regime do also  miss the Green Lake. Haven't they seen or took pictures on their cell phone  on their weekend driving to Sodere ?  Polluted rivers in  Europe and USA are now back to life supporting  fish and  become a recreational area after years of toxic damping and poor Ethiopia is encouraged to destroy its water resources by pumping loans for a regime that is making fast money at the expense of poor Ethiopian farmers ? Why are we not learning from other countries or we have to first  grow by destroying our ecosystem and then start cleaning the mess ?

In a country where there is not any law that protects the public, it might be considered a luxury to look for environmental law. However, this is a criminal case where the harm is done to our people purposely and someone has to be accountable.