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Monday, 16 February 2009

Fitawerari Geza Reda ordeal in the hands of TPLF

Tedla Asfaw

Fitawerare Geza Reda told us his ordeal almost four decades ago on Addis Dimts (Feb. 15 2009 ) He was tortured on fire accused of being a member of Ethiopian Democratic Union (EDU) a party formed in Tigray after the  the fall of Emperor Haile Selassie in 1974. There is an Ethiopian saying, let someone who witnessed the event speaks and let someone who buried a loved one talk about the dead person, "Mane Yawere Yenebere, Mane Yenager Ye Kebere" . This was a chilling interview and the elderly man's voice is still shaking in outrage after  forty years .

There are many sad stories similar to the one Fitawerari Geza  narrated on this one hour program but what this one makes it chilling is this elderly man can be  our father or grandfather  exiled never to be buried on his motherland. This story is also timely because the criminals who abused him are now preparing to celebrate their "victory" on Yekatit 11.

 Yekatit 11, to Fitawerari Geza and thousands he mentioned who are still locked up and their whereabouts are not known for four decades, is a nightmare.  The reason why TPLF not freed thousands it jailed when they were marching to Addis Ababa eighteen years ago is clear because these victims have many stories to tell. Leaders like Debteraw of EPRP and  thousands are in one of the prisons Fitawerari mentioned on his interview.

TPLF wants to hide this crime, to be forgotten and tell the Tigrayans to celebrate the formation of TPLF on Yekatit 11. Sure we will  remember this day for the long time because of such brutality which is the trademark of TPLF and those who are responsible for this crime should face trial. There is no expiration date for a crime, truth has to come out or "Hisabe Mawerarade".

The likes of Abebe Teklehaimonte/General of TPLF Fitawerari mentioned and others who have blood on their hands should be remembered for their brutality as modern day fascists in North Ethiopia, Tigray on Yekatit 11 for years to come. We have to encourage all who  are alive to come out in open and expose the crime committed to them, friends  or family members.

What TPLF did to this elderly man has been replicated in all corners of Ethiopia and three years ago the Addis Ababa residents got their fair share by  TPLF Agazis. The recent crime in Eastern Ethiopia, Ogaden  is well documented and the perpetrators will face justice one day. 

Fitawerai Geza Reda and all others who fought TPLF did there part and paid for it. It is true that the Tigray people has been on war for the last forty years and many time fighting TPLF. The people are now subdued by gun like the rest of Ethiopia and the TPLF strategy of isolating Tigray for its future hiding place will be defeated by Tigray people. Tigray will never be a base again for fascists.

The divide and rule of TPLF will be defeated if we separate the proud people of Tigray like Fitawerari Geza from few fascist looters and rise up as one.