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Friday, 13 February 2009

Thank You

Wondem Tesfaye, I just finished your new book, "Ye Gazetaw Mastewashe"  in my New York Apartment. The news about this book was posted on www.ethiofourm few weeks ago and many of us started debating before we even read the book. To find the book I contacted the distributor and I was informed that this week it has been on sale in North America.

Before I received the news of the sale, however, a friend send me the pdf on email which I started reading yesterday for six hours and today four hours and completed the book(416)pages.  I am not happy reading it on Internet seems too that part were taken out according to Ethiopian Review . I will get the book to keep it for myself and would like to read it again and you deserve also financial reward.

My comment on the EMF website few weeks ago was still valid. Let us read the book before we accuse the author of anything. I wrote to the gentleman who wrote a review on your work why he failed to mention the very "controversial book" on some circles  including myself without reading it, "Ye Burka Zimita".

My statement I made on "Ye Burka Zimita" yesterday on comment on as a "hate book" is totally wrong after I read some of the scripts on your  new book and I would like to apologize. As I said I would be happy to read "Ye Burka Zimta" and will appreciate if you send me the signed copy of both books and I am ready to pay for it.

I want to commend you for doing your part, tell the story as it is. I know now who Tesfaye Gebrab is after reading one of your books and you have bright future brother, keep on writing.


                                                                                                                                     Tedla Asfaw