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Friday, 8 May 2009

Ayalenesh recent piece V. EPRP's May Surprise !!!

Tedla Asfaw

Change will only come through active participation to attain a goal. Politics is a game of winning public vote to implement our vision to lead a country at local, state and Federal level. The recent call by EPRP(May 2009) posted on EPRP site and other sites like,, are encouraging timely debates in our community. Supporters and haters of one party are debating  currently  and will be the debate of the week, month and years to come until we answered this legitimate question which has been unanswered for the last eighteen years, a question of united front to remove TPLF.

Our people back home have no platform to agree and disagree peacefully and be part of this process. Such basics, freedom of speech and print denied home,however, should not be repeated here by default. We have to debate here to answer the big call of our country and people which was also the rallying cry four years ago in the historical defeat of TPLF, "Tebaberu Weyeme Tesebaberu", unite or perish raised by EPRP, "May Surprise".

However, I disagree  with recent piece by Ehete Ayalenesh,my favorite commentator on Debteraw website,  "Weyanene Tebeke, Ehapan Lekeke", because her tactic of going it alone has been tried for almost two decades without removing TPLF from power. I wish her piece helped us to reach her genuine desire of removing TPLF, but how could it be by fighting  Ginbot7 and others who are trying their part to  remove TPLF ?  It is time for cease fire among ourselves, we will have plenty of time to debate and convince our people for the good and the bad of each other.

I would like to read another piece from Ayalenesh on what we should do to answer the EPRP's May call not coup for united front to remove, real coup,  TPLF which I support without any reservation.