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Monday, 11 May 2009

Long Live Ginbot 7

Tedla Asfaw

I am not endorsing the Ginbot7 party led by D.r Birhanu on its first anniversary here rather congratulate the Ethiopian masses who went out in millions in all corners of Ethiopia and voted TPLF out of office four years ago on May 15, 2005 or Ginbot 7 on Ethiopian Calender. I am also remembering the fallen heroes gunned down by Agazi commandos on broad day light displayed for all to see.

Here is my big difference with Ato Seye Abraha, one of the founders of TPLF,  who wanted to accuse both the victims and crime perpetrator as "unprepared for peaceful election". Wait a minute, how did he forgot the Miazia 30 rally of more than  two million people in Addis Ababa who went out on pre election rally without a single incident ? The only reason our people were left alone on that day was because of the arrogance of  TPLF cadres who believed that the paid rally in support of TPLF could beat any opposition by the Kinijit/CUD.

The May 15 however proved that TPLF arrogance was unparalleled and it lost overwhelmingly in Addis Ababa and to avoid defeat it massacred our peaceful people. That is the fact and any attempt to paint our people as "violent" is just to cover the crime of TPLF.

The theory of participating on peaceful election in Ethiopia has been dead since May 16, 2005, Ginbot 8 after our peoples aspiration for democracy was stopped by the brutal forces of TPLF leaving more than two hundred dead and thousands sent to jails on many  locations run by TPLF prison enterprise. Now TPLF is preparing to control power and get legitimacy it never got on the last eighteen years in power by preparing a fake election and recruiting new comers on Mederk platform run by Gebru and Seye.

Accusing our people for violent behavior and "opposition organizations" unprepared to challenge the "strong and powerful TPLF" they are working to get a seat with their former brothers until " the unorganized oppositions" are ready in 2015 to challenge TPLF. We haven't heard from them either on the ongoing ethnic cleansing in the army   Bulcha Demeksa accurately characterized it as pre election terror .

Another major election campaign was orchestrated by Meles in the Amhara region a month ago. A poem was read to congratulate "Talaku Mereyachenen" Meles Zenawi and said like this . "Do not worry, all of them will come back to you, Meles", "Hulume Meles Belew Yematalu". The person who wrote this poem accurately captured the so called participants of the the 2010 peaceful election led by Mederek.

Our people readiness to elect their leaders  peacefully  was well documented even by those who financed and armed TPLF and what our people demand right now is their right to organize, speak and print freely not another Lidetu Ayalew type Democracy Talk. Without basic rights of democracy, the new formation like "Mederek  challenging TPLF/EPRDF" on the June 2010 election is just betrayal of our people much worst than the Lidetu Ayalew's betrayal four years ago.

TPLF is running a one party state until our people economy reached to that of Communist China. It transferred itself to a "development party" and can now be called also Tigray People Development Party  (TPDP). Do not worry about the name Tigray they  mean business and is all clear for all doubters. TPLF/TPDP Oromo's wing was dealt with before and the Amhara wing of TPDP is seriously done by imprisoning  Amhara officers in the army who were "conspiring" with Ginbot7 party weeks ago.

Does any one still doubt that TPLF does not mean EPRDF. I hope the Mederek people will tell us if there is anybody  in EPRDF except TPLF. I hope they will not mention Tefera Walewa who will soon be accused of eating the left over "sugar" from Pastor Tamerat Layne who went more than  a decade in jail for "sugar crime".

Our generation have the same choice our fathers and mothers had seventy five years ago, either to live in dignity or die fighting. I choose the latter one and support all real oppositions including Ginbot7 for the common struggle to remove TPLF and empower our people.