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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Ginbot7, from "coup plot to member of Medrek"

Tedla Asfaw

Ato Zeru Hagos of Aiga came with disastrous propaganda , on "Catch22 politics played by Dr. Birhanu Nega",  May 12 . He said, "USA formed  Medrek to replace Kinijit on which UDJ and Ginbot7 are represented among others" . Zeru warned too that "if Ginbot7 do not correct its mistake it might be expelled from Medrek".

This allegation of Ginbot7 , accused of terror and assassination weeks ago, as a "member of Medrek" by Zeru is similar to some opposition groups here in the Diaspora who accused Ginbot7 as a "secret organization formed a year ago by Bereket Simon to divide the real opposition that got momentum four years ago" under the banner of Kinijit.

Both Zeru and some opponents in the Diaspora seem scared by the increasing support Ginbot7 got especially from the Diaspora Ethiopians after the TPLF concocted plot which in a less than a week downgraded to "assassination". For both of them Ginbot7 is the real enemy and it has to be stopped before it makes the real coup, get huge popular support.

Indeed, Ginbot7 was given a propaganda coup on a  silver plate last week by TPLF. It got name recognition in all the world medias and the VOA and German Amharic, the only independent sources of information for millions of Ethiopians, brought Ginbot7 to every home in Ethiopia, a real force to challenge TPLF, and Ato Zeru,however, insisted that this was a PR made by Ginbot7  for its first anniversary.

"The USA made Medrek "replacing  Kinijt is another disastrous propaganda by TPLF. How does then Zeru explain the recent accusation and insult by TPLF on USA administration for not denouncing Dr. Birhanu for "terrorism" ? Why then the Amhara wing of TPLF became a target not leaders of Medrek like Seye and Gebru for "conspiring" with Ginbot7?

 Ginbot7 has nothing to do with Medrek. The Medrek people are pro-TPLF while Ginbot7 had made it clear that TPLF has to be removed by all means and new constitution has to be written with the full participation of all Ethiopian Nationalities. Medrek is not  a replacement of Kinijit as Zeru wanted us to believe, it is to replace Meles with Seye , Aba Dula with Negasso and Beyene with Yacob. We can say without shred of doubt that Medrek is made by TPLF to replace the dying "EPRDF" and extend the rule of TPLF by orchestrating fake election in June 2010 and give legitimacy to the regime that was rejected by Ethiopians in 2005.