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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Ambassador Samuel Assefa fails miserably

Tedla Asfaw
Ambassador Samuel Assefa's interview with Foreign Policy magazine clip posted on is really interesting. He might have been shocked with the first question directed to him.

Is Ethiopia a failed state? or it might have been rephrased and should be asked a failed state which comes to help another failed state Somalia and be an exemplary for being a good friend coming to an aid with good heart.

The best question might be is Ethiopia a contracted state run by USA and UK Embassies in Addis Ababa similar to the occupation forces in Iraq.

The Ambassador could not explain the reason for the gap between very few rich and the majority poor who can survive with 25 kilo subsidized wheat from USA.

The answer is simple as Gebremedhin Araya former TPLF insider puts it, TPLF turned itself from small farm and small business in to multimillion business by confiscating the property of government and private owned business which were confiscated by Derg.

The very few in Ethiopia are living at a level of the rich and famous like the Western world and they will never give up this luxury life peacefully.

Ambassador Samuel is a defender of our rich and "famous" in a failed country by doing so he himself failed miserably.