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Sunday, 19 August 2007

Bereket Simon's big lie

Tedla Asfaw
Bereket Simon opened his foul mouth in Tigreana and alleged that the elected leaders fall on TPLF shoes for forgiveness . What a joke!!, we will be seeing the video footage soon. Such person totally disregarded the role of Shiemagelis and our culture by angering millions of Ethiopians like me and he is responsible for starting another fire which he will not control for the future and this is summed by Ethiopian saying "Besewe Kusel Inchete Sededebete".

First of all he chose the Mekele media for his insult to try to divide the Tigreans from others and one thing he forgot is that the majority of Tigreans will never believe this lie and the insult he throw is on millions of Ethiopians including many Tigreans who voted for Kinijit.

Except showing his arrogance he will not get a single one convinced by him to believe otherwise and we know very well the TPLF intention to bring this elected leaders back to jail when they find suitable time and place.

It is also not a secret that TPLF agents will be watching the leaders trip to North America to document what they say and not say possibly to deny some of them return to Ethiopia and spent their life in exile.

Bereket Simon has also started the TPLF campaign for 2010 and his party will never sleep until the released Kinijit leaders leave politics for good and replaced by those cowards who are sleeping in the fake Parliament in the name of Kinijit.

It is sad the peaceful way of conducting change seems to be closing down and it is hard for the elected leaders of Kinijit to think otherwise and the young generation of Ethiopia will be forced to sacrifice to finish those arrogance once and for all.