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Saturday, 18 August 2007

Can red pepper trigger a revolution?

Tedla Asfaw
Forget about eating Berbere and better learn how to hate Berbere using some pseudo food experts because according to the news I heard from German Amharic service the price of kilo Berbere is now 60 birr jumping from 25 birr a year ago.
Buyers and sellers not see eye to eye and many disappointed buyers went home by buying a medical quantity of Berbere like gram and prepare a medicine home for their families.
It is not only Berbere, spices and food oil price is almost tripled and our people are going to celebrate our "Huleteshe Zemen" without their hot dish and that is indeed sad.
What happen to the demand and supply of hot Berbere.Can we believe that in one year the demand for Berbere shot up because many people all of a sudden switched to eating berbere, not at all.Our hot paper is now in great demand in cosmetic industries and is exported by our rich government connected merchants to increase their dollar investment and care less about our ordinary people who is surviving by eating Injera with hot wet. Are we going to hear from our "prime minister" similar deliberation to the previous shortage of cement in Ethiopia or our people have to forget Berber and it only "Alic ha".Or Berber might be a catalyst for change in Ethiopia like car oil price did in the 1974 revolution and that is my wish for our Halette Ammeter.