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Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Defaming Haile Gebre Selassie

Tedla Asfaw
Ato Ibrahim Sirag piece questioning the releasedleaders and supporting Professor Alemayehu in Amharicposted in the Debteraw site might or might notconvince any of us by questioning the elected leadersmotive and what strike me most from this piece is ashort line of allegation made on Athlete HaileGebreselasase.Ato Ibrahim Siraj is claiming that his friend who justreturned from Addis told him that the Ethiopian peopleare angry about Haile Gebreselasses's role asShimageli and support for the TPLF regime.Haile supporting TPLF? for what ? for money like somepeople ? Ato Seraj should support his allegation withfacts and otherwise it is mud throwing to the belovedson of Ethiopia.Debteraw accepting such nonsense to be posted withoutany proof is also saddening and portraying HaileGebreselasse recently on as Lidetu Ayalewfollower for which the writer apologized and now thisis pure hate or jealousy.Would you please leave our Athletes alone? suchdefamation might be an incentive for some athletes torun for foreign flags some would like to see and Ihope many Ethiopians should come out and defend Hailebecause he has no time for this empty unsubstantiatedaccusations by Ato Siraj and the likes.