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Sunday, 30 September 2007

Say no to Hailu and the Fives

Tedla Asfaw
I heard Engineer Hailu's short interview (Sept. 29) posted on and he rejected judge Birtukan Medekksa's plea she made last week in Boston.
Engineer Hailu questioned the sincerity of the plea and he alluded the plea as political posturing to isolate him from the Diaspora thousands of Kinijit supporters.
This short interview is very discouraging for many of us who hoped for dialogue between Engineer Hailu and five delegates and this friction sadly will be exported to millions of Kinijit supporters in Ethiopia.
In a country where the media outlet is under TPLF control our people will not have a chance to debate and  resolve these seemed  "Kurfia" now a solidified division, Engineer Hailu VS. the Fives, which will break the Kinijit spirit of 2005 and guaranteeing another five years under TPLF rule for our people.
Rumors and false propaganda of TPLF complimented by the factions attack spread by Internet and radios from the Diaspora might force supporters of Kinijit to take a stand since quarreling groups have no right to call meetings or print their views to be disseminated to Kinijt supporters in their constituency in Ethiopia.
We are moving to a dangerous course  and TPLF media will have an upper hand to spread  poisonous and divisive propaganda representing each faction for the battle to rage and presenting itself as the best alternative for our people reminding our people "Ke ZenJero Konjo Menune Yemeraretu".
Ethiopians remembered from their recent history, a Diaspora exported quarrel in the 1970s between EPRP and MEISON which resulted on huge loss of lives and helped the Derg regime to hold on power for many years that prolonged the misery of our people.
Engineer Hailu and the Fives if they choose to bring this conflict back home our people should say no to all of them until a better alternative comes which bring back the spirit of MIazia 30, 2005.