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Thursday, 17 January 2008

Ethiopians right to listen to your radio, Mr. President

Tedla Asfaw
VOA Amharic, Oromiffa and German Amharic have been jammed in Ethiopia and callers from Ethiopia are calling and tell their frustration and it seems now VOA is looking for possible solution.
VOA is trying to put its programs on different airwaves at least five as we were informed on January 17 and ask for help from listeners in Ethiopia. The objective is to preempt the jamming and make it difficult to jam all the waves and we are going to find if this is going to beat the "Chinese" disruptive technology which is used by the Ethiopian government.
Listeners are encouraged to call and inform VOA which line is jammed and which one is clear and the cat and mouse game will go on for the near future. It is sad VOA's board is not coming open and give its ultimatum to the Ethiopian regime.
A regime that is jamming information sent from USA with tax payers money which happens to be an ally of USA fighting "terrorists" who are accused of fighting Western democracy among which freedom to hear is  ridiculous.
Is USA allowing free radios to Iraq and the Muslim world  and bill it to us as a long term strategy to fight terrorism in par with Bush answer to  "why they hate us ?".
Ethiopians do not hate USA Radio broadcasts  and in fact the only source of information and is very popular and by not coming hard on the regime the USA Administration is forcing the seventy million people to question the intent of USA administration and may be once again is time to ask another question, "Why Ethiopians hate the Bush Administration?".
The answer is clear Mr. President. We have been always a true friend of Americans and however some USA presidents failed Ethiopia many times. I remember President Carter arming Siad Barre in the 1970s to invade our country and now George Bush support the occupation of Somalia using the unelected regime of Ethiopia and look the other way when our peoples right to listen the VOA and  I want to raise the famous question you brought last time after 9/11. "why they hate us?".
You have one chance to get the hearts and minds of Ethiopians Mr. President before you leave office and do it, " A country like Ethiopia that is jamming radios can not be an ally on war on terror because such action will bring more Ethiopians to hate my administration and I want those in Addis Ababa to stop the jamming or else there will be a severe consequence".
Well done!! George Bush and if there is a problem we will call VOA twenty four hours line and  will let you know and thank you for saving tax payers money and getting the love of Ethiopian you deserve, bravo George!!