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Monday, 14 January 2008

Right for free assembly is an immediate cause to rally behind!!

Tedla Asfaw
On the weekend Ethiopian Review(ER) interviewed Weizero Birtukan  Medeksa's Kinijt faction on their activities in Ethiopia and she informed us about "organizing" supporters out of Addis and the same has been said from Seattle Eng. Hailu's Kinijit  transmitted live by ER yesterday.
Kinijit as we all know could not organize its supporters in Addis because the regime did not recognize it as an organization and I wonder how this "right" has been given out of Addis. Is this because the regime believes still it has a solid "support"of the rural people or Kinijit has a "power" to challenge the ban on assembly out of Addis?
If that is the case why not move Kinijits' office out of Addis and rekindle the struggle? I do not believe that is the case because one of the founders of "Arena", Weizero  Adaneche on her interview with Reporter confirmed that the regime put all the obstacles on their party not to function as alternative for TPLF which she said is not supported by people of Tigray.
The right to organize in Ethiopia is only if you are baptized and blessed by TPLF/EPRDF otherwise you are an outcast and "Arena" which might have many followers in Tigray is not allowed to function freely and the weekend Kinijit factions allegations of "organizing" people out of Addis Ababa is suspicious at best.
Well, you might go and talk to representatives of Kinijit out of Addis  and  that is OK! and we are going to see if Kinijit factions can call a general assembly to put pressure on the regime and if we see the case of "Arena" they might be allowed to get "certificates of recognition" under different names but will not be allowed to function freely and organize their constituency for the coming spring local election.
The divided Kinijit leadership and new comers like "Arena" can work on this immediate problem by making a joint appearance and call for a demonstration in the coming weeks. If these is not allowed they have to start civil disobedience by mobilizing students and workers through out the country.
The spring local "election" is out of question and our people have to boycott it and TPLF/EPRDF does not need to make believe election because there is no one to watch it this time.